My Studio

My art has evolved fairly dramatically over time. I used to do a lot with wood and burlap, but I don’t do as much of that any more. Who knows when I will start back up with it, could be any minute.

At some point in the recent past, someone said – I’d love to see what your space looks like. So, I figured I would share. I have days where I’m pretty proud of what things look like and how I’m organized. I won’t say today is one of those, but I would say I’m pretty ok with where things are today.

Here is my drying / resin / painting desk. It’s made with empty Starbucks cups and heavy duty cardboard. Hopefully when I’m ready to change the cardboard, it’s not horribly stuck to the desk.


At this point, these cups are never coming off of the cardboard. But I’m so happy to have gotten so many uses from them! I’ve got a few canvases on top that I’m working on, and in the top left corner, there are a couple finished angels that I haven’t put away yet.

Against the walls, I have two storage units where I keep all of my materials – paint, glass, old jewelry, canvases and whatever else I am using. I’m kind of neurotic when it comes to the plastic bins. I love storing things away and finding a home for everything. Right now, I’m also storing some finished products in crates on these shelves. I use the crates to move things around for shows, so leaving them in the crates saves a step for me.

And the walls!! I’ve started hanging my art on the walls to save space. Hopefully I sell so much of these I never fill the walls up entirely, but I’m loving having the walls filled up right now.

Here are a few more close ups of my supplies:


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