Available Christmas Trees

4×4 on deep wood panel. 3 different medias used – Starbucks straws (bottom left 2, middle right), glass (bottom right), shredded CDs (middle left and top)
4×12 on wood panel; made with resin filled medicine caps
6×6 on deep wood panel
6×6 on deep wood panel made with shredded Starbucks straws

That makes five


This is what my kitchen table looks like right now.  Working on a custom burlap sign, and making a bunch more burlap letters.  The custom sign I am working on is sale number four for this month, and sale number five was the next day.  For me and my little etsy show (www.etsy.com/shop/dlynnart), that’s a lot.  And what’s amazing is that views and clicks are down for my shop, sales are up.  Interesting phenomena.