That makes five


This is what my kitchen table looks like right now.  Working on a custom burlap sign, and making a bunch more burlap letters.  The custom sign I am working on is sale number four for this month, and sale number five was the next day.  For me and my little etsy show (, that’s a lot.  And what’s amazing is that views and clicks are down for my shop, sales are up.  Interesting phenomena.

Etsy Shop Marketing

Etsy Shop Marketing

Sold two of these signs in the past week! Pretty amazing.

So is it working? Here’s what I am doing for marketing:

1. Facebook and twitter updates – I have hired someone to post frequent updates, host contests, etc.
2. Posting my items (and other people’s) to pinterest
3. Etsy ads for my burlap signs section

And the winner is… Etsy ads. Two sales directly attributed to etsy ads. I am shocked as this didn’t seem to have any impact before. But, two signs in a week, that’s pretty cool, and seems to be working!!