Social Media Part 1

I am now posting on facebook and twitter.  Easily 20 times more than I used to.  Or even 100 times more.

I have to admit, it’s not always me.  Is that wrong?  I hope not, because I love what I’m seeing.  There’s so much great interaction going on, and the give away was so much fun!  I would have never done that give away on my own, and I had an absolute blast doing it, and can’t wait to do more.

I am a little awkward when it comes to posting.  I’m kind of phobic, I’m afraid nobody will respond or there won’t be any clicks or the interaction won’t be there.  But if someone else is doing it, it lets me sit back a little and watch what works and doesn’t work.  So, this is easier for me.

So I’m getting help, and also doing some on my own.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • It’s ok if nobody comments or responds to a tweet or post.
  • It’s ok to get help (isn’t it?)
  • Be positive in your posting
  • Watch what time of day you get the best interaction
  • Don’t post the products you are selling too much.  Make sure you’re interaction is more than just selling.
  • Share information about yourself.
  • Give aways are fun!  Like my facebook page ( or follow me on twitter (@dlynnart) to see what the next one is

This is all so far, but I expect to learn much more, so stay tuned…

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