Christmas Ornaments

It’s an evolution in my world as far as my art goes. I wanted to share a small part of how my Christmas ornaments have evolved. This is my third year making them, and each year, there’s been something different than the year before.


This year, I tried a few different things. The ones on the far right are made from Indian bangle bracelets that I got at the India Fest. I start most of my ornaments withbracelets that I try to get from thrift stores (and sometimes Poshmark), and if not, buy them new. I couldn’t resist these threaded ones in various Christmas-y colors. I also did bridge / pyramid ornaments using leftover resin, and of course the tiger stripes. Memphis football has been on fire this year, so it seemed an appropriate tribute.


These ornaments include alcohol ink which has such a cool effect on the resin. It creates little divots and pouches which give a really cool depth to them. These ones were SO popular!!


These were from my first year. I have always loved our Memphis bridge, and wanted to include that in my ornaments. Beads were a big part of year 1, but I don’t use them as much any more.